About Profile

Hello. I’m Nikhil.

I used to write short passages for public comedy consumption and private mind-expansion. I decided to produce publish a book containing the collection of these thoughts. Then, I decided to make this website where all the individual bits from that book can be read for free. Then, I decided to let anyone publish their own bits on here too.

I have some out-of-the-mainstream points of view, as I should hope you do, too. So, I invite you to either disagree with me in essay form and publish your own wacky thoughts for other people to disagree with too.

There is a rule. You must make a point that someone else could conceivably disagree with but would still find entertaining to read. So, no self-promotion; no point-less jokes, no purely hostile tones. Give us your hottest takes dripping in the charm of your own personality. You will be graded on the reading level of your writing. So, don't be elementary.