Contrary to the belief that entitlement is something to be discouraged, I believe it is an important and valuable tool. Entitlement is not only a way to show that one is worthy of respect, but it is also an essential part of striving for a better future. It is a way to push oneself and to demand what one believes is deserved.

The idea that business schools are just churning out entitled brats is misguided. Business schools equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to become successful in their fields. They provide students with the resources and the confidence to pursue their dreams and make a positive contribution to society.

Furthermore, the notion that entitlement is inherently a bad thing is misguided. It is important to have a sense of entitlement in order to recognize one’s worth and push for success. To quote Notorious B.I.G, “Get money” is not just about being selfish, but it is also about being ambitious and striving for greatness.

Having a sense of entitlement is not something to be frowned upon, but rather something to be embraced. It is a tool that can be used to achieve success and make a positive contribution to society.