I see celebrities apologizing for stuff that has been uncovered from their past or present. Some stuff, like sexual assault, is inexcusable and there is no defense. But for everything else, their response, instead of contrition, should be this: “Look, we all try to get away with stuff that we’re confident we won’t get caught having done. You do it. I did it. And I decline to say if I continue to do it. The difference is that people care enough about me to expose my prior misdeeds.”

So, when some cyclist is caught doping or a CEO is exposed to have cooked the books, they shouldn’t suppose the public will buy their denial or accept their apology. They should say, sheepishly, “I didn’t think I’d get caught.” And then hope that the world can relate.

I, for one, notice my moral compass going south the moment I’m sure no one will ever find out what I am doing. If that’s not relatable, oops.