There are those moments you are trying so hard to sleep but can’t. It has been hours since you started trying. You get distracted by your phone; the light it emits wakes you up further. You wish you had just gotten up and done something productive. But you didn’t. Should you do so now? No, you’re trying to sleep!

But should you have, in retrospect, gotten up two hours ago and read a book or done some pushups? Yes. But you didn’t then, thus you shouldn’t now—just to maintain consistency.

It reminds me of when you’re waiting for a city bus or train and it hasn’t arrived for 30 minutes, and you don’t know when it will arrive. Would you have walked or hailed a cab knowing what you know now? Yes. But you didn’t.

And now, surely each passing moment means the light from the arriving train is more likely to come into view in the next second than it was in the previous second. So, you continue waiting and hoping until the sun rises and you join the early morning commuters.