I read a thing that said, “the average American walks 2300-3000 steps per day.” The sloth that conveys notwithstanding, I must say that people are so imprecise with how they characterize data. Is the average of 2 and 10, “5 to 7”? No, it’s “6.” And when you say “Average American,” do you mean “Americans, on average”? Or do you somehow mean the modal American, as in the most typical, cliché, “average,” boring individual that inhabits this country?

And when you use the term average, are you sure you don’t mean median? And if you’d be so technical to use the word median yet still cite a range, then do you perhaps actually mean interquartile range?

Your lack of answers to my questions leads me to believe you're just making shit up. It makes me think you’re mocking me. Your misuse of statistics borders on criminality. You ought to get a citation*.

* For those who don’t get my brilliant double-entendre, a citation is both a bibliographic reference to a data source and a document that formalizes a minor criminal infraction.