Being creepy is, in my experience, just an asymmetry of attraction. If one person's attraction to another is conspicuous and inspires unease, that's creepy, perhaps by definition. But if both parties have such great mutual admiration that they become socially inept in each other's presence... well, that's the beautiful thing we call love.

I'll admit that if I'm hanging with a woman I have genuine affection for, I will become textbook creepy. I'll gaze into her eyes when she's not looking and then avert eye contact when she does. I'll fail to carry my weight in conversation; I'll mumble something accidentally inappropriate nonetheless. My body language would make even the blind uneasy.

Which is to say that if you're on a date with me, and I'm being remarkably charming, engaging you in clever, intellectual, flirtatious banter, and you're having a wonderful time, then you should end the date right there. Because it means, I'm just not that into you.