Obviously, Billie Eilish is something special in music. If nothing else, the story is on point. Young girl with angelic voice idolizes pop stars, has audio-engineer-wunderkind older brother; both are synesthetic. The duo produce two records in their bedrooms while homeschooled and go on to win seven Grammies in one year with some of the most inventive pop music the world has ever seen, achieving for themselves the pinnacle of pop-stardom—the apparent product of raw talent, legitimate style, and tireless work. I mean, who does all that, at ages 17 and 21, no less? I’ll tell you who: all of us in our dreams. 

I mean holy hell, that’s my goal—if not in the creative arts of writing or music, then at least in business. I’m a guy who has been toiling away to start some internet company or other from my bedroom for years. I want, one day, to be an overnight success. I want to seem in some way precocious. I want to come out of fucking nowhere.

To bring this back to Billie Eilish, I’ll mention a personal goal of mine: for Billie, the duo, to quote a phrase from this book once over the course of their lyrical careers. I made every sentence rhythmic just for them.