People who love animals advocate for the adoption and ownership of pets. But what do they suppose each pet eats throughout their lives? Thousands of intelligent animals that are puréed into pet food. Did you know the pet food industry accounts for 25% of animal agriculture and the resultant environmental damage? Did you know that animal agriculture is a blatant euphemism for the mass murder of mammals that are smarter than your puppy, more naturally social than your feline?

Animal rights activists, in my crazed opinion, should not be donating to animal shelters and advocating for pet adoption; quite the opposite. We should be arguing for the dramatic lessening of pet ownership in America and abroad; don’t make me spell out what that looks like.

Now, listen a kid, my family had two cats and a dog. That dog was among my best friends. She got pregnant and had seven puppies, which was a cuteness overload. So, I get it. People love pets like their own children. No one wants to think of pets as environmental and ethical burdens. But disasters they are, and I’m not wrong for bringing this problem up. Politicians never will, so they’re mum about the issue.

So allow me, with no political future to lose, to be the one to broach it. And if you simply can’t get over what a trash take this is, I would invite you to correct me if you’re wrong.